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Israel's Response to Terrorism

March 25, 2004

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This is the Palestinian State rejected by Arafat at Camp David in 2000 without a counter-proposal. Had he accepted it — or the more generous maps later offered by Israel, the Palestinian State would be four years old now. The map is provided by the Palestinian Authority.

The Big-Spending Republican Congress

March 24, 2004

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Special Guest: Chris Edwards of the CATO Institute

Election Tuesday

March 23, 2004

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Fast-forward 4 minutes to hear archive.

Iraq War – One-Year Anniversary of the Beginning

March 22, 2004

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When will it end?
Debate with Jeff Meredith, Young America’s Foundation

Is Your Vote Safe?

March 21, 2004

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Is Your Vote Safe?
Special Guest: Congressman Rush Holt
In the Election of 2000, Justice Scalia and four other members of the United States Supreme Court ruled that Florida had no right under the law to count 170,000 of its votes because to do so would cause “public acceptance” that Gore won the election instead of Bush, and this would “cast a cloud” over the “legitimacy” of Bush’s claim to have won the election.

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