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Debate Tuesday

May 10, 2005

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Guest: Michael Lane, President of IntElephant Strategies, a consultant working to elect Republicans to political office.

The "Bush Doctrine" Around the World

May 9, 2005

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A brutal dictator kills and tortures his people and has close ties to Al Quaeda. He also has the quiet support of George W. Bush. Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia and working hard to return there, is the only indicted war criminal in the world that led a nation and is escaping justice. And Bush, for some reason, is helping him.
Is Charles Taylor just one notorious example of the application of the “Bush Doctrine” around the world, which provides freedom and democracy . . . for all oil-producing countries headed by dictators who won’t sell to the United States?
As for oil-rich dictatorships (like Equitorial Guinea) or genocidal dictatatorships without oil (like Sudan), their people just don’t deserve freedom and democracy. Do they?

Sunday Weekly Review

May 8, 2005

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Happy Mother’s Day!
On today’s show:
— More from the Bush press conference on partisanship and social security
— The shocking rejection of Lynndie England’s guilty plea in the Abu Gharib torture scandal. (Even the Army judge couldn’t buy the argument that she thought she was doing something wrong when she was following orders from the higher-ups whose torture the Bush Administration authorized but has yet to prosecute or even investigate.)
— And Republicans continue to play the Religion Card…arguing that if you refuse to break the law to impose your religious faith on all Americans, you are against “People of Faith.” When even Republican George Will is sickened by these tactics of the Religious Right, you know a backlash is occurring. And check out the Editorial in The New Republic printed in the weblog below:

Mark v. Dubya (Part II) and Kansas v. Science (Part II)

May 5, 2005

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A further dissection of that rare event, the Presidential news conference. Mark tells you what the President is saying…and what he’s NOT saying.
PLUS a report from the Second Scopes Monkey Trial. A political panel of Kansas non-scientists has put evolution on trial in the classic battle of whether the Government may establish Religion in place of scientific truth. The scientists refuse to participate in the “show trial.”
Guest: David Burress(Email: adastrainstitute(at), Founding Member of Kansas Citizens for Sound Science and Founder of the Ad Astra Institute, a new think tank that studies the rhetoric of the radical right takeover in Kansas and progressive responses.
Here’s a fascinating article about the trial, including the surprising link between Kansas creationists and a Turkish cult/terrorist group
Another article in today’s Washington Post about the controversy: Teachers, Scientists Vow to Fight Challenge to Evolution where the theory of evolution, it is pointed out, has no greater or lesser scinetific truth than two other interesting (but yet unproven?) scientific theories: gravity and electricity.
And finally an article on dinosaur remains which raises a question to which I do not know the creationist answer. Since dinosaurs aren’t mentioned in the Bible and are carbon-dated to be more than 10,000 years old, aren’t these remains in and of themselves proof that the story of Genesis 1 should not be taken literally? Was the Earth really formed three days before the Sun? (And if so, how did they calculate the “day”?)

Mark Takes on Dubya

May 4, 2005

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Mark continues the job he began on Sunday, responding point by point to the Bush press conference.
Social Security. Oil Prices. Iraq. The Budget. Bolton. The Religious Right. And more. All the information you need to respond to your right-wing colleagues at work.
A show that makes listening to Dubya almost tolerable!

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