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Debate Tuesday

January 10, 2006

Should a President who thinks himself so above the law that he can break the law with impunity by eavesdropping on American citizens, be impeached?
I think so. My guest, Jim Parmelee, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Republican Political Action Committee, who supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton, strongly disagrees.

The Inside Scoop on Jack Abramoff and the GOP's "K Street Project"

January 9, 2006

Guest: Alex Knott, Political Editor for the Center for Public Integrity, an expert on the myriad of bribes, payoffs, and scandal that surrounds Jack Abramoff and the infamous “K Street Project” – the official Republican Party project to control Washington lobbyists and collect their cash in exchange for legislation.
Will Abramoff’s guilty plea change the way Washington does business?
For background, check out this fantastic article in the Los Angeles Times: Lobbying Plan Was Central to GOP’s Political Strategy: Abramoff was key to the ‘K Street Project,’ designed to extend the party’s influence.

Sunday Weekly Review: Time to Impeach?

January 8, 2006

The Administration says we must sacrifice American values to defend America.
Mark says if we do this, what exactly are we defending?
As our nation slides closer and closer to totalitarianism, Mark still believes in democracy and freedom. Real democracy. Real freedom. Not the undemocratic “democracy”, unfree “freedom” and unconstitutional “strict constructionism” of this Administration.
Why does this Administration HATE the rule of law so? For the same reason all dictators do…it constrains them.
“Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” — Ben Franklin

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