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Military Focus: Bigotry or Saving Lives?

March 13, 2006

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As Iraq heads into civil war and recruitment falls to an all time-low, the military is changing the national guard into a full-time military and begging ex-felons and people without a high-school diploma to fill the ranks.
Meanwhile, it continues to discharge its best and its brightest patriotic Americans who serve their country with bravery and distinction…because they’re gay.
Why won’t Congress let the Military “Be All It Can Be”?
Guest: Sharon Alexander Deputy Director for Policy, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network

Sunday Weekly Review: Hooray for Hollywood

March 12, 2006

Why is the right-wing so afraid of movies?
Sure, Hollywood is filled with excess, but I think the real fear is that Hollywood might be hitting at some real truth.
Guest: Katharine DeBrecht, Author of Help Mom! Hollywood?s in My Hamper
In the second hour, we’ll discuss the inconsistencies of the new South Dakota law banning most kinds of abortion. Do supporters of the law really want to send thousands of women to the electric chair?
And other news of the week…

Debate Monday

March 6, 2006

As Iraq descends into civil war and the President’s approval rating hits a new low, should the Republicans in Congress run away from the Administration in order to avoid the Democratic Landslide of 2006?
I will ask this of my favorite Republican, Mike Lane of Intelephant Strategies, a political strategist who works hard to get Republicans elected to office.

Sunday Weekly Review: Iraq Descends Into Civil War

March 5, 2006

Iraq descends into civil war. I’m not gonna say “I told you so.”
Oh wait…Yes, I am!
Is it any wonder the President’s approval rating is at 34%? But remember, due to Republican gerrymandering and fraudulent voting machines, we need at least 60% of the vote to control 50% of the Congress.
It’s time to elect a Democratic Congress so we can bring our men and women home before we lose more American lives. We cannot undo the mess we made in Iraq any more than we could undo the mess we made in Vietnam. But we can prevent greater loss here in the USA.

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