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A Time for War

July 13, 2006

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The Bible tells us there is a time for peace and a time for war. For Israel, it is a time for war.
Why? Because the attacks in Gaza and Lebanon show the difference between terrorism and war. Terrorism is an attack on a nation by a rogue group, a group despised by the great majority of the population in which it resides. War is an attack by a nation against a nation, where an entire nation rises up and commits violence against another nation. How do you know the difference? When the population of the attacking nation supports the acts of violence. For Israel, this is WAR. And it would be wrong and counterproductive for Israel to defend itself with restraint. It’s time to bomb electrical plants and to destroy civilian infrastructure. Time to convince the Arab People that crossing borders to commit kidnappings is not fun and games. War is Hell.
ALSO: Novak now admits that Karl Rove was his source for TraitorGate. Bush orders treason, Rove carries it out, and from the mainstream media, we hear a quiet, bored yawn.
AND: Mark’s interview with the former Speaker of the Texas House, Ben Barnes, the man who got Dubya special privileges to get into the National Guard and now regrets his decision. A discussion of how the Democratic Party can win back the Reagan Democrats.

Week in Review, Part II

July 12, 2006

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Debate: Limits to Freedom of the Press?

July 11, 2006

Mark debates Mike Lane
Conservatives have loudly attacked the New York Times (but not the Wall Street Journal) for printing a story about Administration surveillance of millions of bank records without court warrants. Some have argued that the editor of the NYT should get the “gas chamber” for treason in exposing this program.
Who should decide what the press gets to print? A free press? Or the Government? Does the public have a right to know what a Government is doing in a democracy? Does it matter if the terrorists already knew what we were doing having been tipped off… the President himself?

Monday Weekly Review

July 10, 2006

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Lots in the News:
The Republicans Attack the Free Press
Death of Ken Lay
North Korean Missile
Israel in Gaza
Gay People Denied Equal Marriage Rights in New York
And anything else you want to bring up…

Comments 7/9/06

July 9, 2006

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Perhaps you’d like to comment on this article, detailing how Bush himself set up the smear campaign against Ambassador Joe Wilson for daring to tell the American People the truth about Bush’s lie claiming Iraq was seeking nuclear weapons from Niger.
Or this: Palestinians Strongly Back Kidnapping and War on Israel. Given how much the Palestinians want war, it’s hard to have any sympathy for more than three-quarters of them. Perhaps Israel is showing too much restraint.

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