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Election Eve

November 6, 2006

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Focus: The Allen-Webb race, local Congressional candidates, dirty tricks, and the Virginia Constitutional Amendment proposed to ban marriages for any gay couples, as well as banning civil unions, domestic partnerships, health care power of attorney, or anything else approximating marriage for any unmarried couples, gay or straight.

Predictions October 30 to November 5, 2006

November 5, 2006

We’re down to the wire here. It’s two days before the election.
What are your predicted numbers of Democrats (includuding Independents who caucus with Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman) in the Senate? In the House?
Feel free to change your predictions up until Election Day. Any predictions on November 7 or later will be taken with the proper grain of salt.
Mark’s predictions of how many Democrats (and Democratic-supporting Independents) will be in each chamber:
10/29: Senate 50, House 225 (Dems win PA, OH, RI, MT, VA or MO, hold NJ, prob. lose TN)
10/30: Senate 51, House 230 (Winning VA (with recount) AND MO Senate seats, Dems will control both Houses of Congress!)
10/31: Senate 51, House 235 (House Numbers keep going up!)
Final Prediction: Senate 51; House 230-235

Mark Gives Election Commentary on XM, Channel 169

November 3, 2006

5 pm Eastern Time, 4 C, 3 M, 2 P

Back Off!

November 2, 2006

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Back Off!” Don Rumsfeld snarled at the American People, saying in effect, “You have no role in our ‘democracy.’ Now move along. There’s nothing to see here.”
Karl Rove throws heaping mountains of slime:
Call me, Harold!” (White Playboy woman with heavy make-up to African-American Senatorial candidate Harold Ford in Tennessee; another Corker ad features jungle drums beating as it describes Ford)
Michael J. Fox is “exaggerating the effects of the disease…. It’s purely an act…. This is really shameless folks…. Either he didn’t take his medication or he is acting” (Rush Limbaugh about Parkinson’s sufferer Michael J. Fox who is defending embryonic stem cell research to heal his condition and supporting Missouri Senate candidate Claire McCaskill).
Triple-X rated” (Dick Cheney’s wife Lynn, herself an author of seamy sexual novels, attacking Webb’s prize-winning novels for adult content to defend avowed Confederate-sympathizer George “Racial Epithets” Allen)
Democrats will raise your taxes and surrender to the terrorists!” (Senate Majority Leader Billl Frist — and virtually every other Republican Leader, all of whom thinks Americans who vote for them are really, really stupid)
The terrorists win and America loses” (President George W. Bush attacking the Democratic Party which he purposely calls the “Democrat” Party to mock it)
The slime is massive and goes to all three of the Senate races that will determine control.
But what if, after throwing bucketfuls of slime, none of it sticks?
Will Americans actually vote to take their country back?
Or will we “Back Off!” as our snarling Government has demanded we do?
Meanwhile, your taxpayer money continues to fund the very Iraqis who murder our troops. Explain that to the parents of our dead American heroes that Cheney, Bush, Rove, and Rumsfeld et al continue to allow to be mowed down in the thousands so they don’t have to admit they made a mistake. Still think we should stay the course?

Unshaken Faith in George Bush

November 1, 2006

Below is the best article I’ve ever read explaining why evangelical Christians continue to naively trust in Bush and their self-proclaimed religious leaders, even as these leaders routinely abuse these good, religious people for their own ends.
I’ve always found the curious thing about a preacher grasping for money to enrich himself or a snake-oil salesman is not the greed of the preacher or salesman. That’s easy to understand. The curious thing is those hard-working people of faith that routinely fork over large amounts of money, tithe their incomes, or give their last dime to these charlatans. The article below, a book review of David Kuo’s new book Tempting Fatih: An Inside Story of Political Seduction is one of the best explanations I’ve heard of this troubling and all too common phenomenon. The full article is found in the blog below.

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