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July 25, 2007

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The House Judiciary Committee holds the White House in contempt!
The battle for our democracy begins.
And after the Attorney General’s pathetic perjury yesterday, this is only the beginning. Impeachment is no longer enough. If, as I suspect, the Attorney General is lying under oath to protect the President’s illegal activities, he needs to go to prison.
Lying about sex is seedy. Lying under oath about secret unconstitutional actions by the President of the United States is a high crime that threatens the very foundations of our Republic. And this is a do or die moment for the freedoms enshrined by the United States Constitution, a Constitution that everyone in our Government swore an oath to uphold but the Administration is currently working actively to subvert.

Progressives, Part II

July 24, 2007

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Mark interviews more progressives:
Danny Schecter, filmmaker of In Debt We Trust, takes on the financial industry;
Kaytee Rick takes on AIDS funding;
Rita Rich takes on radio; and
Filmmaker Robert Greenwald takes on the Right Wing.

The Pardon of Scooter Libby

July 23, 2007

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Did the Vice President of the United States commit a traitorous act?
Is the President of the United States covering up for the Vice President?
Should this pardon be a factor leading to articles of impeachment to remove George Bush from office?
Why do Republicans feel that lying over a consensual sex act is grounds to remove a President from office, but committing treason isn’t grounds for removing the Vice President or putting his Chief of Staff in prison?
Mark will play his exclusive interview with Ambassador Joseph Wilson on this very subject.

Mark is now on International Television

July 20, 2007

UPDATE: The statements below were written in July 2007 when I began “The American Dream” and reflect the promises ATN gave me at that time that I would not be censored.  Obviously those promises have not been kept, as I explained on December 7, 2007 (Censorship at ATN/Press TV and the End of “the American Dream”) and in the comments below. Specifically, I was fired for hosting a panel that included some of the most prominent Persian scholars in America, including critics of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  (The panel also included a supporter of the Iranian President. Needless to say, the supporter was not controversial.)
I also believed my being Jewish may have played a role in the firing, given the shock, surprise, and horror manifested by the producer who hired me when she discovered by religious faith.  But the greater reason was that I refused to be censored, and the attempts by ATN to censor me became increasingly less subtle over a very short few months until we were having open battles over content every single show. I wanted balanced content reflecting the views from all spectrums in American thought.  My bosses, despite repeated express promises that I would have an uncensored show, obviously did not want the balance I sought and would occasionally invite even certified wackos, like followers of Lyndon LaRouche, on the American Dream.  They also violated their contractual promise to provide me with copies of the shows I hosted.
I repeat here what I said in the comments below:
“Well, the experiment failed. Apparently, either Press TV or ATN (it’s not clear which, but I suspect it was Press TV who forced ATN to break its promise to me) could not handle a non-censored, no-holds-barred look at American policies when such policies involved Iran. I can’t say I’m surprised it ended up this way. I knew it might well. But I am disappointed.
As I saw it when I took the job, I either would convey a fair and uncensored presentation of American policies and politics to an Arab world that so rarely gets an unbiased view, or prove that the Iranian dictatorship could not handle a free press. Sadly, after four months of doing the former, I proved the latter.
But I can hold my head up high. I said that I would not continue under censorship. And I did not.”

Below is my original post:

Affirmative Action and Universal Health Care

July 19, 2007

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Mark interviews self-proclaimed Afro-Netizen Chris Rabb and asks the hard questions about Affirmative Action;
and Donna and Larry Smith, who are featured in Michael Moore’s movie Sicko.

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