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Republicans Think You’re Stupid

September 8, 2008

And, sadly, they’re probably right.
Not about you who have The Inside Scoop, but about most Americans.

Democrats have run a positive campaign, giving detailed proposals about the need for change in this country, which 80% of Americans think is going in the wrong direction.

Republicans, the party of the Government, the people who gave us the corruption, lawlessness, and lies that is causing our economic mess, massive deficits, perpetual war, cronyism, incompetence, and addiction to oil have a plan to give you more of the same.

Republicans know they can’t run on their plan which devastates America, forcing a real decline in our country’s well-being and standing in the world for the first time since….well, for the first time really ever, so they instead have an empty convention, where they don’t tell you that they want “four more years.” Instead, they bleat “change” without telling you what they’d change. (Hint: they won’t change anything.)

And they go negative. Of course, they go negative. That’s what Republicans do. Republicans know America contains many racists just itching for a reason to vote against Obama. They cynically nominate the biggest porker/earmarker in America as a “reformer”; a politician who is well known for croneyism, incompetence, and using the Government to force religious fundamentalism down the throat of unbelievers; they hide her from the press; and they give her a Bush White House written speech full of sneer and invective and lies about Obama.

And Americans eat it up. Racists, who were looking for an excuse, have found one.


John McCain's Biography

September 7, 2008

Also see Jon Stewart’s take on the last night of the RNC:

courtesy of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Republicans STEAL Democratic Flags! (then accuse Dems of being un-patriotic)

September 6, 2008

Republicans in right-wing Colorado Springs claim that Democrats left behind unused flags at Mile High Stadium in Denver after Obama’s speech and that they, the Republicans, saved the flags. The story surprised me, because I personally searched the stadium for leftover flags – I wanted one as a souvenir – and it took me some time to find one. The very few flags that were left behind were not in great condition. I did find one small flag (which I brought home) but unfortunately no big flags. I kept looking until the stadium staff kindly asked me (and others) to leave so they could clean up.
I assumed the Republicans were just making up the flag story in a typical, mindless challenge to Democratic Patriotism (see footnote below). But now the truth has just been reported at the Denver Post and on CBS: some McCain operative STOLE the Democratic-Party-owned flags that the Obama campaign was planning to be distribute at future Obama rallies. If I were Obama, I would press charges to get that Republican operative in jail for theft! More on the silly flag story here.

Joe Biden on the Empty Republican National Convention

September 6, 2008

About the only thing Biden didn’t mention is why McCain refuses to let Palin attend a press conference. He said she needs to study first. Hmmmm……

What Would Johnny Do?

September 5, 2008

First Hour (the Leslie Marshall Show)
Second Hour (the Leslie Marshall Show)
Third Hour (the Leslie Marshall Show)
OK, OK, he’s a war hero. We knew that. So was Kerry.
But would McCain DO as President?
Anything that’s different from Bush?
Last night, he didn’t say.
A caller today just disputed that the United States Department of Energy said that offshore drilling would not affect oil prices unitl 2030. Here’s the proof: Access to the Pacific, Atlantic, and eastern Gulf regions would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030.
And this is for the listener that actually thought McCain would be different from Bush in somehow ending our addiction to oil.

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