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The Only Reason for Long Voting Lines in Florida…

October 25, 2008

…is because the Republican Party of Florida doesn’t want people to vote!

Floridians, angry about standing in line so long to vote, should stick it out the five necessary hours…then go in and vote for the Democratic Legislators who will change Floridian voting law back to allow more polling places and voting machines and longer hours for early voting.

The Republican Florida Secretary of State (we’ll call him Katherine Harris the Second) “isn’t worried” about the long lines for one reason — he WANTS them! — It’s his party that in 2005 forced a law through the Legislature to dramatically shut down polling locations and insist that all early voting stop at — get this — 3 pm.

From the Leslie Marshall Show…

October 25, 2008

The (Hopefully) Last Word on Sarah Palin

October 24, 2008

On today’s show, I teach the Constitution to Sarah Palin! One day, we hope, she will be smarter than a third grader.
I also analyze the astonishing David Letterman interview with John McCain where he compares Obama’s “relationship” to William Ayers with McCain’s much stronger relationship to domestic terrorist (and talk radio host) G. Gordon Liddy.

God, Guns, Gays….and Greenspan

October 23, 2008

Now that the economic conservatives have left the Republican Party, all that’s left is the theocrats and their concerns:  God, Guns, and Gays.

Yes, We Can!

October 23, 2008

A video by my cousin Stacy Beyer.  Powerful and uplifting.

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