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Devoid of Ideas,Repubs Obstruct Obama

February 10, 2009

Guest: Republican strategist Mike Lane

Devoid of Ideas,Repubs Obstruct Obama

February 9, 2009

Mark’s on C-SPAN: Talk Radio v. the Blogosphere

February 6, 2009

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Mountain Bombing in the USA

February 5, 2009

Mountain Bombing, otherwise known as “mountaintop removal,” is how coal companies get coal today cheaply. They simply explode 58 Hirsohimas (that’s NOT an exaggeration) a year in the USA to blow mountains into bits and rain the explosives, earth, trees, and toxic bits down into the valleys below.
Wouldn’t it be cheaper, produce more energy, and more jobs, to put wind turbines on top of the West Virginian Mountains?
Guest: Rory McIlmoil of Coal River Mountain Watch at
Mark reports live from the “Green Jobs” Conference in Washington, DC.

Mid-Week in Review (2/4/9)

February 4, 2009

Politics and the Stimulus Package
The Beneficial Demise of Tom Daschle
The Dirty Little Secret of RNC Chair Michael Steele (that I helped uncover)
Greedy CEOs and our Tax Dollars
German Pope Pressed By German Prime Minister to Firmly Denounce Holocaust
Serious Problems in Afghanistan
And… (believe it or not)… Some Hopeful News from the Middle East

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