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So Much For Loving Thy Neighbor

November 6, 2009

Mark’s editoral was published today in The Washington Blade.

Does Election 2009 Mean Anything?

November 4, 2009

Mark on Leslie Marshall Show gives a recap of Election 2009.

Mark’s Testimony Before the DC City Council on Marriage Equality

November 2, 2009

Mark represented the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, DC’s largest GLBT political organization, before the DC Board of Elections and Ethics and the DC City Council on the issue of marriage equality.

And got a shout-out from someone with a different point of view…

Mark could testify for only three minutes, but his full written testimony is here: Mark Levine’s written testimony before the DC City Council

Mark’s testimony before the DC Board of Elections and Ethics was not recorded but his legal briefs are reprinted here:
Gertrude Stein Brief; Gertrude Stein Reply Brief

Mark Defends Marriage Equality on George Washington University Radio

November 1, 2009

Mark debates lawyer Cleta Mitchell, co-chair of the Republican National Lawyers’ Association, who has been hired by fundamentalist Christian evangelicals to fight against marriage equality.  The Alliance Defense Fund receives more than $25 million a year to bring theocracy to the United States.
[Cleta Mitchell’s Response to Mark (Play this audio second)]
Mark’s interview is below. (Play the audio below first.)

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