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Mark Levine and Alan Colmes on Republican Hatemongers

April 7, 2010

Mark Debates Health Care in Fox Strategy Room

April 6, 2010

It took awhile, but Mark finally obtained the audio and the first ten minutes of video from his March 2010 debate in the Fox Strategy Room on health care.

The first ten minutes of video is here:

To hear the entire 43-minute audio, click below (and start 10 minutes in, if you’ve seen the video above).

The Pope's Personal Responsibility for Church Child Abuse

April 5, 2010

Mark is a guest on the Leslie Marshall Show tonight.

The Confederate Virginia Governor and Tiger Woods

April 5, 2010

Mark’s on the Leslie Marshall Show.
In the first hour, they discuss the strange proclamation of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell honoring Confederate History Month that didn’t happen to mention slavery (as past Republican Governors had done). According to McDonnell, slavery wasn’t “significant” enough to be included in Confederate History.
Then in the second hour, they discuss Tiger Woods (Leslie’s choice of topic). Mark apologizes in advance for this and advises those interested in policy and politics to just skip the second hour.

Tiger Woods

April 3, 2010

Mark talks way more than he’d like to about Tiger Woods.
And hopes he never has to do so again.
Unfortunately FOX cares more about Tiger’s private life that it does about a coal company
that regularly sacrifices its miners’ lives to make a pretty (polluted) profit.

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