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Taxes & Trayvon [LM]

April 12, 2012

Who’s right on taxes?
Barack (Raise Taxes on Millionaires) Obama?
or Paul (Raise Taxes on Middle Class, Working Class, and Poor) Ryan?
Who’s right on the Trayvon Martin case?
The prosecutors?
Or George Zimmerman?

How Cutting Taxes for the Rich, Instead of the Middle Class, Harms Economic Growth

April 11, 2012


US Health Care Policy Explained in 13 Minutes

April 11, 2012


The Ryan Plan, the Supreme Court and the Middle East

April 9, 2012

Guest: Mark Royce, Ph.D. student in political science at George Mason University

Syria, Egypt, and Iran: Tough Questions in a Year-Old Arab Spring [RC]

April 8, 2012
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