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I Debate Sean Hannity on Guantanamo Bay

May 8, 2012

Actually, that’s what I was told the debate would be. Instead, Hannity turned it into a discussion of whether or not Obama should release prisoners captured on the battlefield who might be terrorists. I had to point out time and time again that this was a Bush strategy that Obama was merely continuing and that, unlike with Obama, the guys Bush released committed horrific terrorist acts after their release. But Sean did not like that argument at all.
At one point, he said if I mentioned that Bush released terrorists again and not focus solely on what Obama had done (as if this program begun under Bush was Obama’s idea!), he would end the interview.

Celebrating Bin Laden's Death; Gays in DC; Progressive National Security

May 6, 2012

Today, on Nancy Skinner’s show, I discuss the one-year “celebration” of Bin Laden’s death by Obama and the American People
Then, on the Inside Scoop, Nancy and I discuss the firing of Romney foreign-policy expert Richard Grenell for being gay and whether or not gay people would support the Republican Party as much as straights if the GOP were not so opposed to equal treatment of gay people under the law.
Then I interview fellows with the Truman National Security Project on a progressive approach to US national security and foreign policy.

Inside Syria: A Witness to Massacre

May 3, 2012

Look for the Union Label [RC]

May 1, 2012
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