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Women in Military; Saturday Mail Delivery; Drone Memos; New Pope [ISTV]

February 11, 2013


Mark debates Republican strategist Mike Lane on:
— Women in the military
— Saturday delivery of mail
— Presidential drone memos
— US lawsuit against Standard & Poors (for misreading the financial crisis)
— The resignation of the Pope
— And the State of the Union

The Individual v. the Community [RC]

February 2, 2013

Terry D. Kester argues that America is becoming a narcissistic, individualist culture, and we are losing our larger sense of community. Is he right?

Immigration Reform and Obama's Foreign Policy [IS]

February 1, 2013

— How my own family history explains my belief in immigration reform
— Why I’m not a big fan of Chuck Hagel or the “realpolitik” school of foreign policy
— A brief comment on guns: if you’re crazy and delusional enough to think that the United States is actually at war with you personally, I think you’re too crazy and delusional to own a military-style weapon.
— AND a very brief comment on the Super Bowl

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