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Hannity Urges Justice Department to Break the Law [Hannity]

January 15, 2014

Sean Hannity argues that Democratic career attorneys in the Justice Department should not be hired to investigate the IRS. (Republicans are apparently OK, though.)  Unfortunately for Hannity, if Democrats were singled out like that as he suggests, it WOULD be a violation of Federal Law which prohibits assigning career attorneys based on their political party.  Even lawyers have a First Amendment right to express their views. (It’s not just Scalia!)


Vote for Jennifer Wexton! [ISTV]

January 12, 2014


Guest: Former State Senator Emilie Miller, speaking on behalf of Jennifer Wexton who is running for State Senator in Virginia representing Loudoun and Fairfax counties in a SPECIAL ELECTION NEXT TUESDAY JANUARY 21, 2014 to fill Attorney General Mark Herring’s seat.


This election will determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the Virginia Senate.  Did you even know there was an election going on. Get out and Vote!

A Study in Petty Vindictiveness [RC]

January 11, 2014

Christie, Rodman, and Iran

Income Inequality, Christie's "Bridge-Ghazi", and Global Warming [IS]

January 9, 2014

Tonight, I debate conservative/libertarian radio talk show host Jim Greenfield on income inequality.  The question I will be trying to answer:  Why do conservatives have so little regard for their fellow human beings if they are poor?
Then, all the unanswered questions of Bridge-Ghazi. How could so many of Christie’s cronies crow about closing the Bridge to Fort Lee without the Governor knowing about it?  His claim to have “just found out” begs credulity.
Then, are you cold? Have you heard FOX News claim our severe weather proves that global warming is a farce?  What if I told you that the polar vortex behind this week’s extreme weather was CAUSED by global warming?
And finally, the one thing Left, Right, and Center all agree on:  Dennis Rodman is a schmuck!

ObamaCare is Here to Stay; Legalizing Pot May be Too [NV]

January 2, 2014
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