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The Charleston Massacre was Preventable [IS]

June 17, 2015

The Charleston Massacre was not some unexplainable tragedy. It was an evil, terrorist act. And it was preventable.

Race, Ethnicity, and Rachel Dolezal [ISLM]

June 16, 2015

I discuss why I believe that race is a social construct, but ethnicity should be open to joiners. I also explain why I believe that Rachel Dolezal is a fraud.

Truths Behind Absurdity [IS]

June 15, 2015

Is Rachel Dolezal White?
Is Donald Trump Running for President?
There are truths behind absurdity.

Gender-Identity, Sexual-Orientation, and Masculine/Feminine Education [IS]

June 14, 2015

So Bruce Jenner is either an androgynous/masculine “straight” man who see’s himself as a woman or an androgynous/feminine lesbian who sees herself as a woman and was born a man?
Confused? Today I give a basic sex/gender/transgender/sexual orientation/masculinity v. femininity education.
It’s complicated but really not as complicated as you think. Just remember the four scales:
And recognize that all of us fall somewhere on the male to female scale on each of these, both in self-perception and others’ perception.

TPP Vote, Jeb Bush, and Caitlyn Jenner [ISLM]

June 11, 2015

Today I hosted 3 full hours of programming!
Rick Newman from Yahoo Finance and I discussed the record breaking numbers Jeb Bush is bringing in for his pseudo presidential campaign. (He hasn’t officially announced) How much exactly? It’s estimated that Bush could bring in $500 Million before 2015 is over with.
Next in hour 2, I spoke with Max Richtman, President of the NCPSSM. A proposal in the TPP calls for the cutting of Medicare to pay for the trade package. Wow! Cutting programs that help hard working Americans to fund a trade bill that displaces American workers. Seems a little backwards to me. Good thing it didn’t pass the House!
In hour 3 I start my first discussion regarding Caitlyn Jenner. I argue that true feminism is not about criticizing her for looking good, but celebrating her individuality and freedom to be who she is.
And finally, I have a one-on-one discussion with Chairman of Sonecon Dr. Robert Shapiro to wrap up the program. We don’t necessarily see eye to eye on the TPP, but offer some strong counterpoint conversation about the key issues surrounding the controversial trade bill.

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