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Comments on the Democratic National Convention [FOX]

July 25, 2016

I defend the Clinton-Sanders free college proposal:

And I emphasize that Democrats have put forth specific proposals, while the Republicans have not:

Time To Come Together

July 24, 2016

I’m joined by callers as I discuss the reports that it was Russian State-Sponsored hackers who hacked into the DNC server, and the potential connections between Russia and Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort.
I also discuss the importance of the Democratic party uniting ahead of the November election in order to make sure that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, is elected as our next President.
Lastly, I discuss what motivations that Russia and Putin would have for meddling in American elections.

I Unmask a Trumpeter Claiming to Be a Sanders Supporter [FOX]

July 23, 2016

Today, on FOX News, I unmasked a Trumpeter claiming to be a Sanders supporter

Which, as I point out, is rarer than a “unicorn eating green cheese on the moon.”

I also believe I was the first national pundit to tie the emails to Vladimir Putin and say the Russians are working to get Trump elected.

The Politics of Fear

July 19, 2016

“Where do you go when the only people who seem to agree with you on taxes hate black people?”
               — Ben Howe, conservative blogger.
“[The GOP] is essentially a party that’s driven by white grievances and by white — not racial politics, but a set of white identity politics.” — Tim Miller, Jeb Bush’s former communications director
The Republican Party used to be based on conservative principles.
But its convention focuses primarily on the fears of angry, gullible, uneducated old white male conspiracy theorists who seem to hate America in its current pluralistic mosaic and want to go back to when America was great — and blacks, women, immigrants, the LGBT community, non-Christians, and young people “knew their place.”
Pat Buchanan’s culture warriors have taken over the Republican Party.
And an authoritarian conman wants to run it, playing on people’s deepest, darkest, racist fears.
They want to jail their political opponents.
But they offer no solutions for our country.
But it’s ok because the GOP masses sure love Big Brother:
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
Trump Will Make America Great Again
Guest: Republican Strategist Mike Lane

Donald Trump and Race In America

July 17, 2016

I’m joined by callers as I discuss those who, when it comes to race in America, are working to bridge the gap and those who are working to widen it. You won’t be surprised to hear that Donald Trump is making things much worse. I explain how and why he’s doing so.

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