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April 18, 2019

Lawlessness: Trump’s Essence

April 11, 2019

The President says
Our country is full
The Jews screamed

Republican Jews
Screamed in approval
Of sending people fleeing death
Back to death

But I heard the screams
Of Jewish children
In gas chambers

Sent there
By a President
Who said
Our country is full

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Radio Inside Scoop

April 11, 2019

Trust and Fear

April 4, 2019

During Mark’s first episode of 2019, he explores what is about who we are that makes us a liberal or a conservative. According to Mark, how we approach strangers is possibly the most telling information within this area.

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Democracy in Peril

December 6, 2018

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ the final of 2018, Mark discusses our democracy being in peril. This includes lame duck Republican legislators in Wisconsin passing laws that will severely limit the power of the incoming Democratic Governor and Attorney General.

Mark also discusses the destruction of roughly 1,000 likely Democratic absentee ballots in the election for North Carolina’s ninth congressional district, and how it may invalidate the entire election. An investigation has revealed that the ballot destruction was facilitated by a Republican operative.

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