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Re-Elect Bush?

November 9, 2003

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Bush-Bashing: Justified or Irrational?
An evaluation of the Bush Administration one year before the 2004 Election
Special Guest: Bryan Styble of Radio Active Albuquerque (KNNS 1310)
One year from today, America will go to the polls for a referendum on its President George W. Bush.
On that day, millions of voters will examine the Bush record on the economy and on foreign policy, on schools, health care, the environment, religious freedom, and whatever issues they care about most.
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Patriot Act

October 26, 2003

Are We Less Free? Civil Liberties on the Second Anniversary of the PATRIOT Act
Guest: Republican Congressman Bob Barr
Exactly two years ago — on October 26, 2001 — the President signed into law the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act, known by its carefully-designed acronym as the USA-PATRIOT Act.
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Bob Barr Regrets PATRIOT Act Vote

October 26, 2003
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October 26, 2003
Congressman Barr Regrets Vote on PATRIOT Act:
“In Retrospect,” He Praises Democratic Attempt to Limit Law to Terrorist Crimes
Bob Barr said today that his vote in favor of the PATRIOT Act was a mistake. The conservative former Georgia Republican Congressman, who pressed for the impeachment of President Clinton even before the Lewinsky Scandal, said on a Washington DC radio talk show that he regretted his vote in favor of the PATRIOT Act.
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Race in the USA

October 12, 2003

RACISM! RACIST! The very word sends shudders up your spine. White People are terrified of being called “racist.” Black People are more terrified of being mistreated by racists (while many are simultaneously resigned to it).
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Bush and the Moonies

September 28, 2003

A cozy relationship
Have you heard of the religious cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon?
Maybe you’ve heard about his coercive attempts in the 1970’s to indoctrinate college students, separate them from their families, hold them against their will, and brainwash them into “Moonies” handing out flowers on street corners…
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