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Beyond the California Recall

August 17, 2003
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Why are Republicans so Anti-Democratic?
No. I’m not talking about the Democratic Party. I’m talking about the refusal of the Republican Party to accept elections, obey the laws and the Constitution, and play by the rules.
The California Recall Spectacle is not by a long shot the only attempt by Republicans in recent times to overturn legitimate elections and contravene the usual political laws and rules.
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August 10, 2003

Who are the “Ex-Gays”?
The Supreme Court has recently overturned State law criminalizing private consensual adult sexual behavior.
Canada now allows civil gay marriage. I believe Massachusetts will soon follow suit. [Note from Editor: Mark predicted it!]
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The Economy

August 3, 2003

“It’s the Economy, Stupid”
A Closer Look at Some of the Lesser Publicized Bush Economic Proposals
A sign hung at the Clinton White House read, “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” in order to remind people of Bill Clinton’s first priority.
At the Bush White House, the sign could read, “It’s the Stupid Economy, Bush!”
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Money in Politics

July 27, 2003

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Bush Foreign Policy

July 20, 2003
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