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“I Don’t Do Cover-Ups.” Trump Takes America Hostage

May 23, 2019

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ I give my thoughts on President Trump’s refusal to work with Democrats unless they end all House investigations against him and his administration.
I also discuss impeachment with a caller.

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Are Women Human? Alabama Says No

May 16, 2019

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ I give my take on Alabama’s new abortion law. The law makes abortions a felony at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy. It criminalizes the procedure for physicians, who could face up to 99 years in prison if convicted. There is also no exception for rape or incest.

Contempt for Democracy

May 9, 2019

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ I explain what options that House Democrats have available to them in order to combat the Trump administration’s stonewalling on subpoenas, and oversight of any kind, by Congress. This includes ‘Inherent Contempt Power,’ which is not well known, but could be a very effective tool.

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Mueller Strikes Back

May 2, 2019

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ I discuss Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee from yesterday. I also play some of the most important exchanges from the hearing, including with Senators Mazie Hirono, Kamala Harris, and Richard Blumenthal.

Additionally, I play back, and discuss, the response from the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to AG Barr for refusing to show up for questioning at their committee today. This includes whether or not Democrats should hold Barr in contempt, and even whether or not they should vote to impeach him as Attorney General.

How to Combat Trump’s Disregard for the Law

April 25, 2019

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ Mark continues last week’s comparison of our country’s current predicament with how the impeachments of Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were handled.

He also explains what the Internal Revenue Code says regarding the stonewalling on releasing Trump’s tax returns by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and others in the administration. Additionally, Mark cites what remedies the law offers to compel those who are stonewalling to comply instead, and how he would advise the House of Representatives to do so.

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