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Sunday Weekly Review

January 22, 2006


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  • Penguins for a free society January 23, 2006 9:02 am

    THIS JUST IN–recently disclosed DNA evidence shows that the death of the primtv1–was a suicide

  • Vicky January 22, 2006 10:35 pm

    You are right primtv1 – I was assuming you knew nothing about having a child – I was assuming you are a male – forgive my assumptions.
    Thank you for your courtesy in signing off.
    Check out “The Scarlet Survey” –
    Abortion on demand has been legal nationwide for a generation … supposedly to protect women and girls from being damaged and abused by back alley abortionists. But the public record shows about the only difference between those criminals and the abortion providers of today is an ad in the Yellow Pages. Here’s what publicly available documents from courthouses, public health agencies, newspapers, and coroners’ offices say about the state of America’s new “peculiar institution.” —
    Women have reportedly suffered injuries ranging from uterus perforation to massive infection to severe bleeding to bladder and bowel wounds at the hands of America’s abortion providers. —
    In lawsuit after lawsuit, women across the country accuse abortion providers of the same kinds of incompetence, corner-cutting, lack of concern, and risk to life that many have made against the “back alley abortionists” of the days when abortion on demand was illegal. Abortion providers are some of the least capable doctors in America. —
    Across America, abortion providers have been arrested for rape, sexual assault, homosexual assault, and child pornography. Some did time for these crimes. Many other abortion providers are enabling statutory rape, in cest, and rape of young girls by destroying the evidence and refusing to report the sex offenses to the police. —
    Planned Parenthood isn’t squeaky-clean, either. They stand accused of nationwide abortion malpractice and of committing many, many health code violations … and of foisting abortion and/or birth control on women of color. —
    A Minnesota girl said Planned Parenthood staffers insulted her by hissing, “Tell your boyfriend to keep his sperm to himself.” She also charged they squealed on her by mailing a bill demanding $12 more for the abortion to her home. —
    A woman charged a Planned Parenthood director performed an abortion on her without anesthetic … and so hamfistedly that she screamed in agony and had to be held down by four other staffers. She said the Planned Parenthood official threatened to have her gagged and put in a “psycho ward.” —
    Planned Parenthood staffers were caught dumping their victims at a local hospital emergency room. In his book VICTIMS OF CHOICE, Sherlock proved more women and girls have died from abortion on demand than the bureaucrats ever told you about … and he named those unfortunates who were offered up on the altar of sisterhood. In THE SCARLET SURVEY, Sherlock isn’t any more genteel. In fact, one reviewer said, “Sherlock didn’t write a book, he wrote a 260-page rap sheet!” Sherlock updates his VICTIMS OF CHOICE study with more reported victims … and shows half of all women and girls lying dead from legal abortion are black. “I’m a muckraker, not a preacher,” Sherlock says. “My book asks the simple question: If abortion on demand is legal now, why do so many of the doctors who perform abortions still treat women and girls so shabbily?” This book is not for the squeamish. Be forewarned.
    Chapter Six – This chapter covers some of the malpractice, health code violation, racial targeting, and sex offense cases the staffers of Planned Parenthood have been involved in over the years.

  • theprimtv1 January 22, 2006 9:54 pm

    I wanted to be courteous and let you know.
    I have to end here, because I have to attend to a family situation. I did enjoy the debate.

  • theprimtv1 January 22, 2006 9:51 pm

    I would suggest that you are assuming that I know nothing about having a child.
    I also would suggest that we put our efforts into fighting to help young women protect themselves in everyway possible. Plan Parenthood is one way to do so. They don’t just tell everyone to terminate unwanted pregnancy. To suggest this is giving some young women no choice to health care.
    Finally, I would suggest that you have every right to feel the way you do about your son and giving birth. You also have a right to share that belief. However to oppose that belief on others I do not agree with.
    I do believe we could lessen the number of terminations of unwanted pregnancies by, education (non threatening), counseling (free to choice to who would cousel you ie., religious or non-religious) and fight for equal rights for women in a world that respects men much more than it does women. Women are just as human as men.
    the one who died from stab wounds in the back, and a faulty garage door.

  • Vicky January 22, 2006 9:43 pm is another site I tend to use alot –
    Please note the first post I made above and the book of essays written by 12 different professional women – reviewed at Amazon.
    You are the one who wants to make this a religious issue – and yes it is – but my point to you is that it goes beyond that – it’s a human rights issue and there are non religious people involved in the pro-life work. has many non-religious people – including atheists – who are active in the pro-life work.
    You are the one hung up on “religion.”