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Pre-Election Discussion on FOX

October 28, 2010

(The video is cut off at the end. Sorry.)

The SEC, RI Governor’s Race, and a Pumpkin Tax

October 25, 2010

Most Who Oppose Health Insurance Reform Don’t Know What’s In Law

October 25, 2010

Palin, Obama, and Clinton: Who Campaigns Best?

October 23, 2010

Should We Raise the Retirement Age?Mark on CNBC

October 19, 2010

Short answer: NO!

(Short Version)

(Long Version)

Let’s have the wealthy in America pay for the Iraq War and the billionaire tax cut and the corporate goodie giveaways before they start taking away the last refuge of the American Middle Class: the money they’ve socked away over the course of their working life to assure them some security in their old age or in the event of disability.

We can start by requiring billionaires to pay at least the same tax rate as janitors.  Why should payroll taxes end for the rich?  Why should hedge-fund billionaires pay taxes at a lesser rate than their secretaries?

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