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Is the United States a "Christian" Nation?

December 1, 2004

(archived broadcast )
And what about Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, athiests, agnostics, Unitarians, Catholics who care more about the poor than abortion or homosexuality, non-fundamentalist Protestants, those who are not born again, those who spend more time at football games than church, and those who prefer “Baywatch” over the “Passion of the Christ”? What about gays and lesbians? What about single mothers?
Are we merely guests in a fundamentalist Christian America that, at best, tolerates our heresy?

Mark on the "Les Kinsolving" Show

December 1, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Click above to hear the archive of Mark as a guest on the “Les Kinsolving Show” in Baltimore.
The topic is the recent court opinion upholding the rights of colleges and universities to refuse to host military recruiters on campus due to the military policy preventing gay people from openly serving in the armed forces. Mark supports the decision; Les does not. Mark thinks all qualified Americans should be allowed to serve their country; Les thinks the “sodomists” and “buggers” (in Les’ words) should be kept out.

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