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About Mark Levine

The Inside Scoop from Washington, broadcast for more than a decade on radio and TV, is currently heard on more than 40 stations nationwide. A Fulbright Scholar, armed with an economics degree from Harvard and a law degree from Yale, MARK LEVINE has battled everyone from Bill O’Reilly on FOX News to the hosts of Russian TV. But whether it’s reading from his pocket Constitution or deconstructing the complexities of the Middle East, Mark brings his expert insight into any issue of politics or policy, history or law.

Mark Levine has a history of passionate advocacy against injustice, from leading the early marriage-equality movement to fighting the Supreme Court’s hijacking of the 2000 Election, to defending children and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Mark has been a grass-roots activist, a negotiator at the highest levels of the US Congress, a state representative, a Constitutional lawyer, a drafter of countless pieces of legislation, a former inner-city school teacher, and even a Nazi hunter.

Mark has been working both inside Government and working to change Government from the outside his entire life. Every weekday at 3 pm ET, he gives the Inside Scoop on how Government really works…or doesn’t.

This website features all of Mark’s many radio and TV appearances.

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Mark is also a Virginia State Delegate, representing Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax!
Please check out Mark’s Delegate Website. You can help Mark represent Northern Virginia in the State House by making a donation here.

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