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Friday Recap

June 10, 2005

[Replay of June 5 Sunday Weekly Review]

Interesting Interviews

June 9, 2005

[Replay from June 1, 2005]
Mark, reporting from the “Campaign for America’s Future” convention in Washington, DC, interviews the next generation of leaders of the progressive movement and the Democratic party.
Guests include:
Robert Greenwald, Producer of Documentary Outfoxed
Susan Turnbull, Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee
Josh Earnest, Press Secretary for the Democratic National Committee
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
Michael Rogers, Blogger who “outs” hypocritical politicians


June 8, 2005

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Guest: Ron Hira, Professor of Public Policy at Rochester Institute of Technology and Author of Outsourcing America: What’s Behind Our National Crisis And How We Can Reclaim American Jobs

Debate Tuesday

June 7, 2005

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Mark welcomes back as his guest Michael Lane, President of IntElephant Strategies, a consultant working to elect Republicans to political office.
Topics include:
— Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision allowing Congress to overrule state laws allowing medical use of marijuana
— The reward offered for any reporter who dares to ask Bush about the Downing Street memo by [Full disclosure: and the Congressional Black Caucus once hired me as their attorney to challenge the 2000 Florida Electoral slate]
— Any other question you wish to bring up

"Deep Throat" – Government Secrecy in 1974 and Today

June 6, 2005

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Guest: Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, who was in the United States Senate at the time of Watergate
How does the Watergate Scandal compare with the Iraq War Intelligence Lies Scandal?
And how do the Pentagon Papers compare with the Downing Street Memo?
Does the British leaker of this Memo face as much risk as “Deep Throat” Mark Felt?
Text of Downing Street Memo
Sign Congressman John Conyers’ petition to demand answers from the White House on this Memo!

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