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Mark on WCLM (Richmond, VA)

November 15, 2006

5:00 Eastern

Debate Tuesday: Even Republicans Support the Democratic Agenda

November 14, 2006

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Guest: Jim Parmelee, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Republican Political Action Committee and President of Republicans United for Tax Relief
Mark searches under rocks to see if there are any Republicans left and what they think about last Tuesday’s election. Should the Republican Party move more to the Center or more to the Right? Do even they agree that the Republican Congress led the nation in the wrong direction and now support the Democratic Plan for America?

Big-Tent Democrats v. Dirty-Tricks Republicans

November 13, 2006

The Elections of 2006 prove that nice guys do not always finish last….

Comments Nov. 12, 2006

November 12, 2006

For my friends, the conspiracy theorists, I give you this:
Strong Evidence of Computer Fraud in One Florida Congressional Race
As I said on the Verified Voting show, the fact that we have paper records in 35 states prevented widescale fraud, but I did predict that if fraud occurred, it would happen in Florida, the state that has the most easy-to-hack voting system in the country.

The Final Word on the Elections of 2006

November 9, 2006

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I’ll stick with my predictions made on October 31:
Dems win Senate with 51 seats after Virginia recount
Dems +30 with 235 seats in the House.

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