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The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin

March 26, 2012


Supreme Court ALL-DAY SPECIAL on Health Care, Day 1

March 26, 2012

The sound was a little scratchy the first day, our first day to host a radio show remotely away from the home studios. I apologize for this but the conversations are interesting and perfectly understandable.

Nancy Skinner Comes to the Inside Scoop

March 25, 2012

Today’s show features:
— radio talk show host Nancy Skinner. (First I go on her show for an hour. Then she comes on mine.)
— labor expert Courtney Foley. Do you know what’s going on in Ohio?
— expert on money in politics (particularly SuperPACs) Ryan Clayton
— a prelude to the Supreme Court debate on health care.
— the tragedy of Trayvon Martin

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March 24, 2012

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Debate on Health Care Law Constitutionality

March 24, 2012

I debate the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act with a representative of the billionaire Koch Brothers think-tank, the CATO Institute, on David Shuster’s radio show.

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