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Whither the Republican Party? [ISTV]

March 17, 2013


The Inside Scoop on Iran

March 15, 2013

How close is Iran to developing a nuclear weapon?
Should we be concerned?
And if so, what should we do?
Negotiations, sanctions, threaten an attack, carry one out?
My four distinguished experts on the topic will be:
Dr. Alex Vatanka, Middle East Institute
Jamal Abdi, National Iranian American Council
Matthew Brodsky, Jewish Policy Center &
Joe Costa, Truman National Security Project .

The New Pope [RC]

March 15, 2013

The New Pope
Maryland Abolishes the Death Penalty
Craziness in Government
Partial Video
Full Audio

Vietnam & Death Penalty [NV]

March 14, 2013

Two stories tonight:
The lessons of Vietnam with Guest Nick Turse, author of Kill Anything that Moves
& Maryland abolishes the death penalty.

Should We Legalize Marijuana? (listener calls) [LM]

March 11, 2013

A brief interview with Congressman Bob Ney and then 20 minutes of telephone calls from listeners in response to my show on whether we should legalize marijuana and/or other drugs. (If you haven’t heard that yet, click the link.)

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