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See Something? Say Something! [RC]

May 9, 2013

Lessons learned from the Cleveland kidnapping/rape case…

WallMart, School Breakfasts, and Immigration [NV]

May 8, 2013

A Fair Sales Tax [RT]

May 7, 2013


My debate begins about 15 minutes into the broadcast.


May 6, 2013

I don’t usually post things like this on my blog, but this video is amazing (and has nothing to do with politics.)


Arm Syria, Avoid Social Media, and Admire Jason Collins [IS]

May 2, 2013

Part 1: Arm Syria
Please join the Activists for a Free Syria to support a no-fly zone to stop the massacres of the Syrian People by the Assad regime. Rally at the White House at 12 noon!
Guests: Activists at Protest
Part 2: Too Much Social Media?
Guest: Henry J. Sienkiewicz, author of Untangled
Part 3:  Jason Collins:  One of the Last of the Firsts

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