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Don't Panic! [LM]

October 14, 2014

I know, I know.
Ebola, ISIS, Europe….
But has anyone noticed that our economy is doing pretty well?
Between ObamaCare and the stimulus, we are the strongest economy in the world…
Now we just have to make sure the middle class gets its share.
I discuss all this with Leslie at 4 pm ET.
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Did an Obama Volunteer Hire a Legal Prostitute? Who Cares? [FOX]

October 9, 2014


Ebola, ISIS, Midterms, and Palin Family Brawl [News Channel 8]

October 9, 2014

Ebola, ISIS Strategy, Secret Service, Midterm Elections 2014, and the Palin Family Brawl

ObamaCare is Working. Does Anyone Know? [NV]

October 8, 2014

The sound of the archive frequently clips for the first minute and a half.
My apologies.
It should be fine after that.

We Did It! Marriage Equality in Majority of USA [Leslie Marshall]

October 6, 2014

Amazing that just fifteen years ago, Lambda and the entire GLBT establishment fought our grass-roots protests in favor of marriage equality and the first bill in the nation that I crafted with another California attorney to provide full marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples.
It will very soon be in all 50 states, probably by next year.
Also, in the great Bill Maher/Ben Affleck debate on where liberals should stand on Islamic fundamentalism, I come down more on the side of Bill Maher.

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