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Something's Rotten in Congress

November 26, 2004

Mark Levine intended to appear today to discuss on “Sound off with Sasha,” a National Public Radio station in South Florida (WGCU/WMKO), Congressional procedures in the recent ominbus legislation. Although technical problems in Florida prevented the show from taking place, you can still discuss the issues below:
Do you think Members of Congress read legislation before it’s passed? Not in this Congress.
Do you think bills supported by the majority of legislators voting in the House and Senate become law? Not in this Congress.
Do you think provisions rejected by solid votes in both Houses of Congress still become law? You bet.
Do you think that massive amounts of taxpayer money goes to fund pork to special interests who turn around and use the money to finance Congressional campaigns? Yep, barely concealed bribery.
Do you think that if the Majority Leader is indicted for taking illegal corporate cash and diverting the resources Federal Homeland Security agency to monitor Democrats trying to prevent an unprecedent gerrymandering scheme that he can still lead Congress? Absolutely. The Republican Caucus would not even allow a documented vote on this.
The $388 billion omnibus legislation and its provisions includes:
– allowing Congressional aides to examine your tax returns
– ending overtime for millions of workers
– supporting job outsourcing
– overruling all state laws requiring abortions to be part of health care plans

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  • Dr. Freud November 25, 2004 3:36 pm

    An Observer–is it time for another enema? You seem to be feeling some discomfort–why do you laugh at Biblical prophesy or do you not even know who Jesus of Nazareth was–how far into the pickle jar are you?

  • Listening to IEB November 25, 2004 12:21 pm

    Had been on the road past couple of days, again able only to listen to right wing radio. No choices. From this renewed exposure one gains some insight as to how so many have drank the Kool Aid. Limbaugh, probably best example, tells his audience that he has the facts, he knows the truth; Excellence in Broadcasting. To agree with him is to feel pride. They will sell their product through willful deception discarding all that dosn’t fit their purpose. That said he goes on with every gimmick to sell his message. One will come to believe that to question him would be somehow stupid. He continues to through out all that dosnt fit. As one comes to buy in, to believe him, is to become one of the good guys, We are defending ourselves against Iraqi’s who are attacking and invading us. We here nothing about voter fraud or why so much of the country had to vote on machines that could not be recounted or with verifiable records of how you voted. His listeners will hear nothing of Bev Harris catching thugs removing the guts of these computerized these machines. We will here only that these whining pro-gay failed liberals are never able to face facts.
    To be exposed to such programing, and having no alternatives available, is to gain some insight as to why so many in our country have become so committed to a wonderful kind of “truth”, a truth that is being so skillfully and selectively provided to us by some real con-artists.
    I find their efforts to be unforgivable.

  • An Observer November 25, 2004 11:47 am

    That is rather sick, “incarnation.” But I guess you proved Russ’s point without even realizing it. Good for you! Way ta go! YOOOHOOOO! (Just having a little party for you.)

  • Jesus, incarnation of Archangel Michael November 25, 2004 10:07 am

    Russ–will you be at the Mount of Olives to greet me?

  • Russ November 24, 2004 4:28 pm

    Two phrases to remember:
    1. Willfull ignorance
    2. False messiahs
    They will both become more and more obvious in the future.