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The Inside Scoop on the Marriage Equality Battle

June 30, 2013


Debate with Mike Lane [Inside Scoop TV]

June 24, 2013
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Topics include:
The Farm Bill
The Immigration Bill
Obama’s Trips to Europe and Africa
And Paula Deen.

Why Shouldn’t Gov’t Employees Get Unemployment? [FOX News]

June 2, 2013


The Law Behind the AP Investigation [CCTV]

May 29, 2013

My comment is at 7:42.


The Overhyped IRS Scandal [CNBC – Kudlow]

May 27, 2013

Kudlow’s claim that Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself was news to me. I had no idea that they were going to make this claim. If I had known this would have been discussed — and I had known what the substance of the claim was — I would have responded that there’s a huge difference between saying “we won’t prosecute reporters” (which is what Holder said) and monitoring a reporter who receives an incredibly dangerous national-security leak in order to prosecute the traitor who leaked the information.

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