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Bush and the Moonies

September 28, 2003

A cozy relationship
Have you heard of the religious cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon?
Maybe you’ve heard about his coercive attempts in the 1970’s to indoctrinate college students, separate them from their families, hold them against their will, and brainwash them into “Moonies” handing out flowers on street corners…

The Drug War

September 14, 2003

Do we need a third war right now?
While our troops occupy Afghanistan and Iraq — the first war mandatory and the second war voluntary — a quieter voluntary war goes on at home: the war against drugs.
The war against drugs may well cost more money and lives than the war in Afghanistan, except it’s a war by Americans against Americans.

Judicial Nominees

September 7, 2003

The Filibuster of Bush Judges: Is it Justified?
This week, Miguel Estrada removed his name from contention as a Bush nominee to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals because 45 Democrats blocked his nomination from coming up for a vote. He is the third Bush nominee to be refused a vote. In contrast, the Republicans refused to allow more than 60 Clinton nominees to have a vote in the Senate on their nomination.

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