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2004 Florida Elections Update

July 22, 2004

(archived broadcast )
To give us the update, we welcome back our hero, Ion Sancho, Elections Supervisor in Florida’s capital Tallahassee.

Good news!
Due to the publicity engendered by THE INSIDE SCOOP and a few other news organizations regarding the attempt by Florida Republicans to remove Democrats and Blacks from the voting rolls by falsely accusing them of being “felons,” Florida officials have scrubbed the list and the US Commission on Civil Rights is calling for a criminal investigation.

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  • The ghost of Gary Gilmore July 24, 2004 8:39 am

    Death is a little harsh–how about life in front of a firing squad?

  • Rex July 23, 2004 9:17 pm

    Isn’t what Katherine Harris did a crime? If taking away someone’s right to vote isn’t a crime, it ought to be. With the penalty of death, in my opinion.