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Sunday Weekly Review

December 4, 2005

Just some of the topics this week:
– Bush’s “Plan for Victory” — as much a “plan for victory” as his “Mission Accomplished” foretold a “mission accomplished.”
– US secret propaganda in Iraqi newspapers — OK, now that we control the Iraqi press, take the oil wealth, and torture innocents who oppose our rule, how again will we convince the Iraqis we’re different from the Saddam Hussein Regime?
– Equal Marriage in South Africa for gay people — a country once behind us in racism leaps ahead of us in equal rights for all. How long until all Americans have equal protection under the law? I say no more than 20 more years, maximum, until marriage is equal nationwide.
– Any other topic YOU wish to bring up

Post-Katrina Suffering

December 1, 2005

Guest: LaTosha Brown, a Founder of the SOS (Save Our Selves) Coalition
The suffering continues long after the hurricane is gone.

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