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Torture, Secret Prisons, Indefinite Detentions, Secret Evidence. Is this the American Way? (Special Three Hours!)

September 20, 2006

Mark does his own show and then fills in for Guy James today.
A full three-hour discussion of the legality (or illegality) of Bush’s “techniques” in the War on Terror and precisely how Congress is working to make “torture” and “secret prisons” as American as baseball, apple pie, and the Soviet Gulag.
Call in! We have plenty of time today. Do you think these tactics are necessary to fight the so-called War on Terror?
Guest William Goodman, Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights

Debate Tuesday

September 19, 2006

(Archive) (Some sound distortions in first three minutes of broacast.)
Guest: Republican strategist Mike Lane defends certain techniques that Mark considers torture.

The Many Lies of Dick Cheney, Part IV

September 18, 2006


Comments 9/17/06

September 17, 2006

The Many Lies of Dick Cheney, Part III

September 14, 2006

A further dissection of the lies of Dick Cheney….
Articles mentioned by Mark disputing Dick Cheney:
CIA report finds no Zarqawi-Saddam link:
No evidence former Iraqi leader harbored Jordanian radical

Article showing Zarqawi was a terrorist indepedent of Al Quaeda and not connected with Al Quaeda in any formal manner until afterthe United States invasion of Iraq
Iraq’s Alleged Al-Qaeda Ties Were Disputed Before War: Links Were Cited to Justify U.S. Invasion, Report Says

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