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The Kennedy Court

June 30, 2008

On four big decisions last week, the Supreme Court struck down four laws as unconstitutional by a 5-4 decision, with 8 judges consistently lined up on the “liberal” side and four on the “conservative” side.
When it came to millionaires, gun owners, and extremely wealthy corporations, Kennedy sided with the conservatives.
But when it came to prisoners seeking habeas corpus or death penalty relief, Kennedy sided with the liberals.
The next President will decide whether the Supreme Court will uphold the rule of law or abolish it in favor of the rich and powerful.

Week in Review

June 26, 2008

– The Justice Department’s inspector general exposes the Bush Administration’s plot to turn the criminal justice system into its own political fiefdom
– The Supreme Court decision on the death penalty for child rapists
– And why the McCain Campaign wants terrorists to attack the USA

The FISA Compromise

June 25, 2008

Guest: Michelle Richardson, Legislative Consultant for the American Civil Liberties Union
PLUS the Bush contempt judge urges Congress to jail Harriet Miers (fancy that!), something I have urged a cowardly Congress to do for almost a year now!

Issues Debate 6/24/08

June 24, 2008

Audio Only

Mark debates Republican Strategist Mike Lane on:
1) Off-shore Oil Drilling – the McCain Flip Flop
2) New Scientific Study on Gay/Straight Brain Differences
3) Public Financing – the Obama Flip Flop
4) The new Intelligence Surveillance Bill and the Supreme Court Decision on Habeas Corpus for Guantanamo Bay Detainees
And a word in praise of Tim Russert

The Best Things in Life Are Free

June 19, 2008

Wind and solar energy now! (no more oil, sorry bush/cheney/mccain)
The Torture of Pentagon Lawyer Jim Haynes (before a Senate committee)

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