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Willis Watchdogs: Corporate Pay, Climate Change, Lindsay Lohan & Porn at Work

July 20, 2010

Mark appears with a long-winded Michael Reagan.

A Muslim Community CenterNear Ground Zero?

July 19, 2010

Working People are Engines of the Economy. Not the Super-Rich [CNBC]

July 19, 2010

The article below was published by CNBC:

Ordinary Americans are the Engines of the Economy, Not the Superrich


On CNBC’s “The Call” today, I appeared with Ben Ferguson to discuss the wisdom of extending the Bush tax cuts. Like President Obama and the Democrats, I believe in continuing the Bush and Obama tax cuts on the 98% of Americans who earn under a quarter of a million dollars. I think ordinary Americans need the money, along with Government infrastructure spending, to spur us out of the Bush/Wall Street Recession. Ben, in contrast, supports the Republican plan of borrowing $678 billion from the Chinese and your social security taxes to extend massive income tax breaks to the super-wealthy.


Ben argues that America must go deep into debt to give rich people oodles of cash because it will spur economic growth. But I argue it’s the 98% of Americans that received Obama’s middle-class tax cut — giving us the lowest tax burden since 1950 (thank you, President Obama!) — that are the engines of the economy.


Who’s right? As a matter of logic, economics, and history, is it the superrich or the other 98% of us that make the American economy grow?



What Does the Tea Party Stand For?

July 18, 2010

Is the tea party racist?
Do they support ending social security?
Will Republicans endorse these views?

Will Hillary Clinton Run?In 2016, Yes. In 2012, No.Mark on the O’Reilly Factor

July 16, 2010

Mark debates Monica Crowley on the Bill O’Reilly Show:

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