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Glen Beck's Rally

August 26, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King did not only stand for racial justice: he stood for justice for all oppressed peoples (including women and Jews, Latinos and gay people); he stood for economic justice (which Glen Beck ridicules), and he stood against wasteful military spending on needless wars. As Beck attempts to co-opt and distort the legacy of our American heroes, we need to remind Americans who our heroes were and what they stood for.

Mark is on the Leslie Marshall show for one hour tonight (hosted by Brad Bannon).

“Obama’s More Popular than Reagan”: Mark on the O’Reilly Factor

August 25, 2010

Oil Moratorium, Marijuana Taxes, and Spying on Your Kids

August 24, 2010

Repubs Insist Foreign & Corporate Control of Politicians be Secret

August 21, 2010

“Ground Zero Mosque” DebateWhy Do So Many Americans Think Obama is Muslim?Corrupt Contractors

August 20, 2010

Mark was on Money Rocks. The three topics are divided into three separate videos:

Debate over the Lower Manhattan Islamic Cultural Center
(which FOX calls the “Ground Zero Mosque”)

Is President Obama Muslim? Of Course Not.
So Why do Polls Show a Significant Number of Americans Think So?

Corrupt Contractors Rip Off the Military
And the Pentagon Lets Them Do It

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