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When is War Legal and Just?What is America Without Unions?

March 24, 2011

Why We Need to Help the Libyan People: FOX & Friends

March 22, 2011


Japan and Nuclear Power; Libya and Obama’s Brazil Trip

March 18, 2011

Mark on “Follow the Money”

Nuclear Power in Japan and the USA
Have we learned our lesson? Should we really have nuclear power plants close to fault lines in California?

Obama’s Libyan Decision and Trip to Brazil

Marriage Equality in Maryland, Nuclear Japan and Rebel Libya

March 15, 2011

Japan teaches us not to put nuclear energy plants on fault lines.
Libya teaches us we should be on the right side of history.
(Hint: I support a “no-fly” zone.)
And Maryland teaches us that there are still large numbers of people in America who still oppose Equality Under the Law.

Debate on Unions and Libya

March 14, 2011

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