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GOP Battles to Shut Down Homeland Security [FOX News]

February 28, 2015

But I thought they said they care about stopping terrorist threats and border security?
And now they want to shut down US Airline traffic?

Will the Republicans ever learn that voters care more about governing the country than they do about the Republican Crusade to Destroy Obama?

GOP Gov’t Shut-Down, Netanyahu, and 2016 [News Channel 8]

February 28, 2015

On Capital Insider, Mark debates:

1)  The Republican attempt to again shut down the Government:  this time, the Department of Homeland Security;

2)  The breach of protocol in Speaker Boehner’s invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu; and

3) CPAC and Presidential Hopefuls for 2016.  Does Scott Walker really believe he should be as tough on ISIS terrorists as he’s been against working-class Americans, teachers, and unions?  Does the GOP really consider America’s teachers the equivalent of bloodthirsty terrorists?

Demonizing Obama [NV]

February 26, 2015

Who's a Good Christian? [IS]

February 25, 2015

Can you be a good Christian if you’d let the poor starve?
Net neutrality
Wallmart’s wage increases
And a whole lot more…

Oops, I Said Too Much [FOX 5]

February 25, 2015

Should Keith Olbermann have been removed for a week for his childish tweets?

What is the line between offensive and provocative?

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