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Why Do You Care About Politics? [IS]

May 31, 2015

I discuss what makes me care about politics, and I’m joined by callers who do the same. We also get into a discussion about the South, racism, and the civil war.

History of Middle East, Part 2 [IS]

May 28, 2015

History of Middle East, Part 2

The Hypocrisy of Josh Duggar [IS]

May 27, 2015

I am joined by callers as I discuss the hypocrisy of Josh Duggar telling gay families that there is something wrong with them, all while knowing he’d committed the acts of molestation that have been reported.
I also discuss reality TV as a whole.

History of Middle East, Part 1 [IS]

May 26, 2015

The History of the Middle East, Part 1

Scalia Says Corporations Must Be Legally Allowed to Bribe Politicians. This is Why He's Wrong. [IS]

May 25, 2015

In a half hour, I give you all you ever need to know about corporations and the First Amendment.

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