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Kentucky Anti-Marriage Clerk Jailed; Trump Rising in GOP

September 2, 2015

Today I discuss two separate topics. Trump’s continued rise among the GOP along with Ben Carson’s unexpected rise to #2 in the polls.
And as I predicted, Kim Davis has been held in contempt and is sitting in jail for denying same-sex marriage couples marriage licenses in Rowan County, Kentucky.

RentBoy: Should Sex for Money be Legal?

September 1, 2015

I’m joined by Lauren C. Williams, the tech reporter for ThinkProgress. She covers tech policy, culture, privacy and cybersecurity.
We discuss her piece entitled “Why The Rentboy Raid Matters More Than The Ashley Madison Hack.” We also discuss the larger issue of whether or not prostitution should be legal, and how that would work.
In the final two segments I join Leslie Marshall to continue the discussion on this topic.
Leslie is host of ‘The Leslie Marshall Show’ on radio, a Fox News Contributor on TV, and a blogger for
The Huffington Post.
Here is how you can follow her online:
Twitter: @LeslieMarshall

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