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Brexit Mix-up

June 27, 2016

Should We Arm American Terrorists?

June 26, 2016

90% of Americans say of course not!
Yet, even a bill with ample due process, like Republican Senator Susan Collins’ bill, was voted down by Republicans.
Collins’ bill would allow any American citizen or non-citizen resident(!) to appeal a denial of a gun purchase. It put the burden of proof on the government to show the individual is suspected of terrorism. And it even allowed people who win their appeals to recover their costs and attorney’s fees(!)
Yet while every Democrat voted for it, the vast majority of Republicans voted it down.
It seems the vast majority of Republicans would rather arm terrorists in America than risk losing the millions in donations they get from the NRA.
They would murder ISIS members by drone (with no due process) if they are on the other side of the globe.
But if ISIS is right here and living among us, the GOP would make sure they are massively armed with AR-15s, explosives, and thousands of rounds of bullets. They do everything but show ISIS the address of the nearest church or nightclub.
How can they possibly defend this?

Pre-Election Jitters: The Sparks Fly

June 21, 2016

I’m discuss the irony in Donald Trump’s speech today regarding him saying he’s for things like building up our infrastructure, something Republicans have blocked President Obama and the Democrats from doing for seven years and counting.
I also discuss Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday, where she talked about how dangerous Donald Trump’s economic plans would be for the country if implemented.

Our Political Gun Battle is Just Beginning

June 20, 2016

I’m joined by callers as I discuss how, despite all four gun control propositions in the Senate failing yesterday, I believe that the tide is turning in favor of common sense gun reforms in America.
I also ask whether Republicans even want it to be illegal for terrorists to buy AR15s and other assault weapons. And if so, then why don’t they support ‘no-fly no-buy’ with due process?

Donald Trump's High-Water Mark

June 20, 2016

I’m joined by callers as I discuss why I believe that Donald Trump has already reached his ‘high-water mark’ in the polls and why it’s all down hill for him from here on out.
I also briefly discuss why I believe the Senate should vote to expand background checks on gun purchases and prohibit people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns.

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