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How to Defeat Hate

June 25, 2018

Today I analyze whether hating Hate leads to more hate or less. Also, I discuss how we ultimately defeat hate.
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Special Anniversary Show – 15 Years in Radio Today!

June 22, 2018

Fifteen years ago to the day, I began my radio career at WAGE, a radio station that no longer exists in Leesburg, Virginia.
The Inside Scoop was first broadcast on June 22, 2003.
Today, I share a special 15th Anniversary broadcast celebrating my early years on radio.
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GOP Takes Children Hostage, Demanding Wall as Ransom

June 18, 2018

Today I discuss how Republicans are kidnapping children at the border, separating them from their parents, and holding them as ransom for a border wall.
I also touch on the Supreme Court’s decision to punt gerrymandering.
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June 11, 2018

As dictatorships in China, Russia, and North Korea are coddled — while Canada, France, Germany, and the UK are treated as enemies — is there any doubt that the real traitor to the USA is our President?
The sooner he’s convicted of treason and removed from office the better.
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Where is the Compassion?

June 7, 2018

From children being separated from their parents, to abusive guardians…where is the compassion from the Trump administration?

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