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The Pathos of White Identity

August 13, 2018

The Pathos of White Identity: We should empathize. But we cannot tolerate.
Because, like an abused and snarling dog, a misguided loser can be pathetic and still very very dangerous.
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Is Trump Hurting the Republican Party?

August 9, 2018

I’m joined by Republican Strategist Mike Lane as we discuss whether President Trump is hurting the Republican party.
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How Do Republicans Really Feel about Trump?; Manafort Trial

August 7, 2018

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase, a Republican, is my guest during the first half hour of this episode.
During the second half hour, I summarize what has happened so far in the Paul Manafort trial.
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Trapped in his Web of Lies

August 6, 2018

Does Trump realize he’s just confessed, giving Mueller cause to lock him up?
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Collusion, Conspiracy, and Conspiracy Theories

August 2, 2018

In this hour of ‘The Inside Scoop,’ Mark explains the subtle differences in how President Trump confuses Collusion, Conspiracy, and Conspiracy Theories.
Just because a conspiracy theory exists, doesn’t make it factual. Just because collusion may have occurred, doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy. Nor is all conspiracy collusion.
Confused? Listen to today’s episode for Mark to break it all down for you.
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