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More Lessons from Obama, Thursday Edition

September 13, 2018

In “More Wisdom from Obama”, Thursday’s edition of “Inside Scoop”, Mark Levine hears from one the Untied States’s best orators, President Barack Obama.

In his recent speech in Illinois, President Obama makes plain the threats Americans face should the Republican establishment continue to hold power come November.

For the full hour, Mark plays back highlights of Obama’s speech, interjecting his own thoughts on Obama’s takes on foreign policy, taxation, income inequality, and climate change.

In a rare speech review, today’s “Inside Scoop” deals with the first half of President Obama’s speech in Urbana, Illinois. Tomorrow, Mark will conclude his analysis of President’s Obama’s words.

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We Still Have Hope. Thanks, Obama

September 11, 2018

Beginning today, Mark spends the week breaking down Friday’s speech by President Obama that is exactly what this moment in America’s history has called for.

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The Kavanaugh Cover-Up

September 6, 2018

Today I discuss how Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and Senate Republicans, have only released seven percent of his records. I also detail why the line of questioning by Democratic Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris have been superb thus far.
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