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Democracy in Peril

November 29, 2018

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ the final of 2018, Mark discusses our democracy being in peril. This includes lame duck Republican legislators in Wisconsin passing laws that will severely limit the power of the incoming Democratic Governor and Attorney General.

Mark also discusses the destruction of roughly 1,000 likely Democratic absentee ballots in the election for North Carolina’s ninth congressional district, and how it may invalidate the entire election. An investigation has revealed that the ballot destruction was facilitated by a Republican operative.

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Mueller’s Closing In

November 26, 2018

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,’ I explain the new details revealed in Michael Cohen’s plea deal surrounding Donald Trump Sr.’s relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin. I also analyze the strategy that Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to be using against Trump and his campaign team.

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How Low Can We Go?

November 20, 2018

Tear-gassing toddlers, refusing to believe his own administration’s climate report with dire warnings for America and the world, how low can Trump go?!

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Trump Unhinged

November 20, 2018

During today’s ‘Inside Scoop,” I analyze Donald Trump’s new lie-filled interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, which had Trump on the defensive for most of the conversation.

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Can Pelosi Curb Trump’s Zeal for Dictatorship?

November 19, 2018

In this fast-paced hour of ‘Inside Scoop,’ Mark concludes the only person that can successfully slow America’s descent into dictatorship is the likely incoming Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California.

While her election remains a formality, there is some push back from a minority of Democrats in the House that feel Pelosi may be demonized too easily by the GOP to make effective change.

Despite some possible shortcomings, Mark believes that she is uniquely qualified to unify the Democratic party under her leadership.

A skilled fundraiser, her talents at communication and massaging tensions within her party make Pelosi the best choice to guard American democracy from the remainder of Trump’s first term.

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